Annette ★★★

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So may we start?

If you guys are expecting some dark version of La La Land, then this film isn't for you... Annette in simple term is a pretentious mess and though a mainstream viewer isn't gonna like this film but if u wanna embrace unconventional and baffling screenplay this might work for you. Though I'm not familiar with the work of Leos Carax, I can appreciate the effort and him trying something surreal in musicals but the problem is the film is too long for a story like this. . The two leads, comedian Henry McHenry (Adam Driver) and opera singer Ann Desfranoux (Marion Cotillard), are kept at arm’s length. Even I get the setup where Carax established their personality as in Henry wants to "kill" People with his comedy while Ann wanna make people "alive" With her singing.. Although the arguments worked nicely between these two polarizing characters in the first half with many musicals the emotional quotient never reached high during second half and the ending seemed like very forceful as writers didn't knew how to end this film.
Adam driver is magnificent in his portrayal of a self destructive comedian and he surely need another Oscar nomination for sure but it was sad to see Marion Cotillard under used in this film... I get the director was trying to show the mismatch between these two personalities but frankly speaking the chemistry between this two was quite off for me.
The opening scene was absolutely beautiful and loved the director's approch to let theatre show not inside a theatre but on the roads to let audience know that the world in itself is theatre, a great idea. In a very A star is born way, the guy's career went downhill while the girl's career went skyrocketing... Also love the way Carax said "fuck u Hollywood culture" In his own way.. The way he addressed harassment, toxic celeb ego, the idea of a typical Hollywood couple and most importantly the media coverage during all these times was sublime and very crafty. Although it may seemed intentional but Annete songs were unmemorable..Also I'm not fully on board on the idea of the kid "Annette" Potrayal by director but liked how he talked about "exploitation of child" In his own way and the way director gave the real identity to her at last moment was beautiful... The supporting cast was decent but have to say it didn't make any sense to the larger picture.. All in all a decent film which tried to do many things but some worked and I'm afraid many things failed.

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