Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★★

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"Those who survive keep thinking about the dead, in one way or another, that will continue. "

I'm lost in words, how to even describe the film which felt less like film but more like introspection and contemplation on life, grieving, harmony, carrying on life and many other things which film subtly dealt with. I'm not familiar with Murakami work but this felt like it's written with so much love, honesty and affection. Im in awe of the direction and writing of this film, the way this film takes interesting route of art imitates life and vice versa is truly terrific. This film deals with heavy subject in a meditative way, the director wants you to dug deep into the characters and want you to introspect your own individual sentiments. This film shows the reality of an artist in artistic way and I'm truly in awe of the filmmaking here. The easiest three hours I spent while watching a film since The irishman maybe. Hidetoshi Nishijima as Yūsuke Kafuku is breathtaking, he said it more in the silences rather then dialogues, in a way I felt like watching myself in him. The way he constructed his performance around such sound script is dazzling. Masaki Okada and Toko Miura are sensational too. Overall just wanna say this film felt like a journey and I adore each and every moment. There's lot to take in and I'm sure gonna rewatch this film multiple times to find the deeper meaning of the film and rich literature showcased in the film. The conversation around Oto's dream which Yusuke listen from Takatsuki is probably my favorite moment. Proper cinema guys, proper CINEMA. 🤩🎬

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