Midsommar ★★½

There are some films which grows on me with time and then there are some films which i see after a certain time and asks myself why the fuck I actually enjoyed this film.... Midsommar is that for me...I loved the hereditary and I still think that hereditary is a far far better film in terms of filmmaking and horror genre.. I respect the Ari aster vision but the second watch after some years was just so so boring to say the least.... The themes or the story whatever it was Ari aster was trying to say came as very lazy in terms of writing and directing tbh... I loved the filmmaking style and the guts he had to make a daylight horror and I can't wait for his next film and I understand how Dani's (Florence Pugh) crumbling relationship is causing a separation between her and her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) but the lack of compatibility between the characters had me doubting they were ever really a couple to begin with.
The build up of events was such a thrill to watch and dissect that when the story was coming to it's final climatic scenes, I couldn't help but be disappointed.
It seemed as though they had all these over arching grand conspiracy ideas that weren't translated through the ending of the film. I understand that this cult is, well a cult, and that they do sadistic cult things, I think i was just hoping there would be more of a purpose behind their actions, other than the fact that well "they're a cult and they do sadistic cult things" ;')
Though the cinematography was beautiful yet unsettling in what has become Aster's signature way, some shots felt repetitive, indulgent, and were agonizingly LONG. The stillness and lack of dialogue was also gratuitous at times and came across more awkward than eerie. I still think people can enjoy this film with time but for me it did the opposite. I'm still looking forward to see what Ari is going to bring the next.. Exciting filmmaker.

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