The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski ★★★★

Seeing this film after 5 or 6 years really helped it cause I remember teen me didn't liked the film even now I'm not in fully awe of the film, I truly enjoyed the Dude personality, him being trapped in the hilarious and unfortunate scenarios and the Walter Vietnam is the funniest shit in the film. Jeff Bridges is exceptional in the role as Dude and John Goodman's dialogue delivery of being a war veteran (I'm sure what Coens were aiming here) is genius. The problem is the screenplay is very inconsistent and some of the parts didn't worked for me like I wanted to, but that whole Walter thrashing the car is such a hilarious and well executed scene and some scenes at bowling alley made this film somewhat special to me. Coens have such great range that it's scary...they are truly amazing. At last wanna say, THE DUDE ABIDES. 😎

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