The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★★

What a beautiful and poetic (justified) movie this is and very oddly satisfying film too.. I still remember when i saw the trailer I knew then that I'm going to appreciate the art and the effort but my god this film is deeper then i thought... This film overlap many topics related to religion, faith, the line between the truth and metaphor, the power, toxic masculinity (which was quite surprising), legacy and most important self realization and confidence... Now I don't know much about 14th-century poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight but there are multiple interpretations and ways to look into the film.. For me this film is just a simple view on the Garwain and his journey (internal and external) through many conficts, challenges and his inner demons and how he fight it and realise what he has to do to become a Knight.... With direction that reflects the likes of Robert Eggers and Ari Aster’s bleak and haunting style of horror David Lowery set the tone from the moment go when narrator says this isn't a tale of Garwain's bravery.... The cinematography is just top notch and I thought trailer gave all the beautiful moments in the trailer itself and thank god I was wrong, some of the scenes were so beautiful that it looked very real and it was hard to see that it was all VFX... The production and constume design reminded me of GOT and LOTR which is a huge compliment.. Coming onto performances Dev Patel is absolutely amazing and the way he expressed himself during his scenes where he's feeling confused or when he's crying is commendable.. But for me Alicia Vikander gave the most nuanced and beautiful performance in the film and I hope she's gonna be nominate for the Oscars and every other award.. The rest of the cast is good too maybe excluding Sean Harris who played king who I think was little rigid... Overall a great adaptation of a poem and loved the journey of our protagonist and there's lot of things to appreciate and this film requires multiple viewing to fully understand the meaning of the faith and motive behind our characters.. Loved the way the film ended with two different scenarios to let audience know that Sir Gawain has come a long way and for me that was very pleasing. Surely one of the best film of 2021. It's sad that I can't see this film in theatre. I'm sure this film is gonna be nominate in many categories specially in picture, director, and other designing stuff with Vikander as supporting actress. Truly sublime film.

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