The Recorder Exam

The Recorder Exam ★★★★

Eunhee: mom do you think I'm pretty??

A 27 mins Korean short film, we get to see the world from a 9 year old girl Eunhee's perspective about her life and what she feels about her closed ones.. Beautifully directed by Kim Bora we see how her family neglects her, siblings bullies her and how she sees her friend's family affection to their kids.. There's a scene when Eunhee father ties her shoes and that was such a powerful scene just cause the way the camera was placed over her facing down and the way she wanted to embrace her dad was truly beautiful... Also it's about her music exam and though she's enthusiastic about it her family doesn't care.. Filled with beautiful moments, great filmmaking skills and absolutely master performance from the kid, this is a must watch.. Can't believe the director showed such family dynamics just under 27 mins. Unbelievable.

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