I love films.
To be wise and love exceeds man’s might.
So I don't rate them.

Favorite films

  • A Canterbury Tale
  • The Lady Eve
  • Barry Lyndon
  • Divorce Italian Style

Recent activity

  • Midnight Run

  • Throw Down

  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

  • The Card Counter

Recent reviews

  • Masquerade


    Each film of G.A challenges your taste in films and this one is no exception. I was reading a review of Rosenbaum on "Irma Vep" where has quoting Nicole Brenez’s description on Fassbinder’s and Godard’s films. I extend Brenez's description to this film: its true subject is not the Play but the body of the actors, its material is not the image but the consciousness of the actors, its problem is not the relation between character and actor but how…

  • Kummatty


    I would borrow the phrase “the greatest director who is not a household name” from Leonard Marlin on Howard Hawks if I have to talk about G.A. I have seen 4 films of G.A till this point and I can say there is no director in India who has dealt the themes he had handled: an Indian existential hero in Uttarayanam, Retelling of Ramayana in his Kanchana Sita, themes of Lust, guilt and redemption in Chidambaram in Indian context. Satyajit…

Popular reviews

  • Black Jack

    Black Jack

    Shot in a cinema verite style, this is one of interesting and beautiful period movie I have seen: James Benning meeting Cassavetes. Music is sparsely used, and is mostly in places where characters are in movement. Almost all characters are kept at a distance except when the director Ken Loach wants us to be with them. Even during such moments, we feel a bit distance from them, probably it is intentional so we see them the way how we see…