The Incredible Hulk ★★★

"As far as I'm concerned, that man's whole body is property of the U.S. army."

The Incredible Hulk was an MCU entry I've been looking forward to rewatching as I haven't seen it since release. I was not too big on it back then and I remember liking Ang Lee's Hulk far more although that is also due for a rewatch. Aside from the end scene with Tony Stark and the fact that General Ross reappears later in Captain America: Civil War this feels so completely unlike the other outings in the MCU and feels so separate. Following Iron Man which offered a strong origin story for one of the primary characters in the MCU this skips through the origin story to get to Bruce Banner on the run from General Ross and the United States government and out of contact with his girlfriend Betty Ross. What we get next is basically a Bourne movie that happens to a big angry green monster on the run instead. It's pretty light on narrative and moves fast which I can't decide if it's a good or bad thing but at least this one doesn't leave me bored compared to some other Marvel outings. Louis Leterrier directs some of the best action scenes in the MCU here especially the opening foot chase and the showdown at the university which delivers on the military vs Hulk action with top notch effects. If anything, I wish we got more of it especially during the finale which feels really rushed and frankly a big letdown in what should be an epic all-out battle between two behemoths. Finally, this was probably the last time Bruce Banner was treated seriously as a character instead of the angry green man comedy relief he's become in Avengers. With a stronger narrative to hold this together it could’ve been a great film but even so it's certainly worth viewing and isn’t the worst film in the MCU by a longshot.

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