The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★½

Yes, I get it. It's a psychological terror adaptation of Sir Gawain's adventure as a Knight of King Arthur's Roundtable. Yes, I understand that every trial Gawain (Dev Patel) encounters is a test of his courage. Yes, I understand that the film is supposed to be challenging and the narrative gymnastics director David Lowery utilizes are ambiguous yet can be interpreted from the poem it is based on.

However, The Green Knight operates at an attitude of "look what we can do" versus being actually purposeful. This is riddled with too many sequences of Dev Patel looking up at nature, crying, and the camera panning 360° across forests and banal sets for me to feel immersed in this world. There's a clinical coldness here that made me feel bad for not truly getting behind Gawain’s quest.

To his credit, Patel does a really good job here and so do all of the actors. But I couldn't shake the feeling that all (yes, all) of the WTF moments were pretentiously shocking to the point of being comical. And the 360° crap I mentioned earlier? Lowery does that at least 4 or 5 times. Again, why pad out an already overlong story?

Like a lot of A24 films, I'll never watch this again. It's beautiful to look at, but that's not enough for me to love any movie. If you do love this, good for you.

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