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  • God's Country


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  • The Courier

    The Courier


    Ordinary businessman becomes a reluctant spy - the 'amateur in a world of pros' Le Carre dynamic from The Night Manager and The Little Drummer Girl - but it needed someone like Soderbergh to keep it deft and jaunty, and prevent it from getting too heavy. My choice (yeah, I know it's a 'true story') might've been for Greville to revert to his salesman ways when captured by the KGB - would've been fun to see him gaming the Soviets…

  • Identifying Features

    Identifying Features


    A father sits in his car, thinking about his dead son ("Why did he have to leave?") - but the camera is just behind his head and the whole frame is an out-of-focus panorama of turquoise, pink and green (the view from the windshield, made abstract) with glittering spots and flares. The look is everything here, the people reflected in pools and elegantly framed in the chink between a brick wall and a corrugated-iron roof, that kind of thing (the…

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  • Space Jam: A New Legacy

    Space Jam: A New Legacy


    Everything is product.

    Granny from Tweety and Sylvester fighting in The Matrix because hey, Warner Bros.

    Yet the message of the film is 'Be yourself! Do your own special thing!'.

    We love our corporate overlords.

  • Margaret



    Held me spellbound for three hours, if nothing else (extended cut, fwiw). 25th HOUR-ish - New York movie, moral drama about Doing the Right Thing, symphonic score over jagged rhythms - also Desplechin-ish for the sweep and scale, but more ambitious than either: an epic of human disconnection, based around the fact that language is such an imperfect way of trying to connect - emotion is easier, but we lose it as we grow older ("It is Margaret you mourn…