Malignant ★★★½

What a weird movie! Comes on like a ghost story, but it's not. (The 'ghost' is shown too early, for one thing.) Works as a slasher for a while. The killer-as-electric-current concept is borrowed from Shocker. Has some cheesy moments - "I'm adopted!" - and totally owns them. Goblin-like giallo music comes in (that's the most appropriate genre, probably), playing a tricked-out riff on 'Where Is My Mind?'. There's some unexpected comic detail. There are murderous visions - but then, in the next scene, a cop's giving chase like the monster is an ordinary perp. Wan piles on the style, then builds to spectacular body horror. All over the place, but a vividly macabre fantasy with some real Gothic grandeur; even the female-empowerment angle (Maddy goes from one abusive man to another) kind of works.

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