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  • Sanctum



    It’s insane that there are actually people who do this type of thing for a living. Unfortunate that the acting is the most unbelievable thing on screen.

  • Gremlins



    A harrowing “that’s how I discovered Santa Claus isn’t real,” tale aside, this isn’t really for me.

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  • Shirley



    I’ve always had a fondness for the uneasiness of strings and discordant notes like those littered throughout Shirley. This was an extremely interesting watch. The characters, the relationships between them, and Decker’s hand are mesmerizing. I don’t know if I actually know anything more about Shirley Jackson then when I started watching, but I’m damn glad I did.

  • First Cow

    First Cow


    Next time someone takes the last bit of food without asking I’ll show them this as a warning. 

    First Cow is an immersive watch. It’s hard to imagine a time without as much excess as we have today, but the movie really takes you there.