Bad Education ★★★★½

An absolute riot. Thoroughbreds topped my 2018 list and this is (so far) topping my (very) short list of 2020.

The cinematography, writing and soundtrack are just flawless. The screenplay is snappy, the cinematography is purposeful and just like Thoroughbreds before it, it slaps. Finley has such a creative way of making his films look and sound that i cannot wait for his next venture.

Hugh Jackman finally convinced me fully that he is a convincing and talented actor. He wasn't Hugh in this, like so many of his movies are, he became Frank Tassone.

Alison Janney fucking rules, what more needs to be said.

and mark my fucking words, Ray Romano, when the moons and stars align he will get the best role of his career and win an Oscar within the next decade. The guy has been nailing his roles lately.

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