Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★★

I've been listening to ABBA my whole life, my mother and father are huge ABBA fans and we just grew up listening to all their amazing songs, so naturally this was a family affair.

The film; it's freaking fun. The first act is pretty disappointing, it just felt flat. The songs were forced, the storyline about how Donna met the three lovers was totally rushed, it just felt weird. I was saying to myself 'am I really about to hate this movie?' and was fully prepared to give this at most a 2 1/2 rating.

I can pinpoint the EXACT moments that turned my crappy rating into a 4 star. Christine Baranski and Julie Walters. They come on screen half way in the movie and light this shit UP! They are freaking FANTASTIC and completely saved it. Then it goes straight into the Dancing Queen dance party, rolling into Amanda Seyfried PERFECTLY stepping into Meryl's shoes and the, while corny, excellent duet of Cher and Andy Garcia.

I was actually crying at the end, how freaking FUN. That's what this movie is, it's FUN. Not only is the music amazing but the acting really wasn't all that bad. Most of the theatre was clapping and cheering at the end, a job well done.

Don't go in expecting PEAK cinema, this is for people who want to just have some god damn fun.

Also, how freaking beautiful is Lily James.

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