Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

When a movie comes along and reinvents a genre, revitalizes everything and becomes a cultural phenomena, you know they have to make a sequel. For the first time in years I'm revisiting them, since high school I've only watched SCREAM over and over and over, the sequels always felt a bit unnecessary for me. SCREAM 2 wasn't something that stuck with me like the first one.

Now I'm really torn here. On the one hand, this is a really well thought out sequel, points are hit in a meta context like you would hope for but it's also a really fun and tense whodunit. They add a whole new cast with their own motives to draw from and every step is mysterious, probably more so than in the original film. The emphasis on how you may know how things went last time not meaning you can call it this time is driven home.

I am really into the tension and story here. The return of Dewey and Gale make more sense than I remember it feeling the first time I saw this. As they continue to pop up I may enjoy them in the context given, but its firmly planted in my memory that I found their inclusion to be unneeded and pandering later on. It's disappointing they both survive. I think the sequel really cutting every single tie Sidney had to her past would have been a really cool move, or at least Dewey dying as well as Randy.

It falls apart for me a bit at the big reveal. I'm a fan of Timothy Olyphant, he's a super fun actor and does crazy well. However, as he continues to gloat he starts becoming more of an impersonation of the last film rather than his own character. The inclusion of Billy's mom was pretty stupid, honestly. Nothing was built up to indicate it so it wasn't a twist as much as it was just something to be able to trick you. She's also acted by Laurie Metcalf who at best is a passable tv actor, but to me is not a good actor at all.

I loved Cotton's involvement here - is he obsessed with Sidney? Is he really deranged and caught up in this because he actually has murderous tendencies? Is he actually a good guy? It's a fun character Schreiber plays cold and aloof well, he's probably my favorite of the cast aside from Randy.

I want to praise this movie for its incredible opening, strong script and fun kills. SCREAM 2 is a great sequel and a four star movie to me, but that extremely drawn out and clunky finale 15ish in the theatre is so poor and low bar compared to the entire film it had me groaning. I've read they had to change the ending last minute because of a script leak and that blows, because aside from that end this movie is so close to matching SCREAM.