The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

When The Northman was announced as Eggers new movie and it wasn’t his Nosferatu remake your girl was very disappointed. However after constant rewatches of the trailer and just so happening to be rereading through the original Conan run, I got pretty hyped for an epic from him.

And that, in fact, is that we got. In every sense of the word this is an epic tale, a retelling of Hamlet with violence, majesty and grace. Eggers has made himself know for his deliberate camera work, precise blocking and specific scripts to make points that may only be known to him. 

Trying hard to divorce the inner Eggers fan girl from this movie is easy, as there are technically horror elements here but it’s not a horror. Instead, here is a gem of a director showing off his true talent - the period piece. Be it The VVitch, The Lighthouse or this film, he knows how to get into a setting and really explore it, have us live it with the cast. 

I was spellbound. As a theater kid and lover of classic literature, I would have enjoyed this no matter who was behind the helm creatively. Yet to have such a unique voice be the one telling it is what makes it more than a fun watch. Every step of the film was engaging, never once was I bored as we swept through every step closer to vengeance. 

What can I say, I loved it! Gore galore, phenomenal acting, gorgeous scenes and a tale of revenge. The Northman is not a typical Eggers movie, since we’ve come to understand him as a horror director. But is he truly? I’d argue this is proof he just a born story teller, knowing how to capture a tale with the lens and weave a story that contains drama, horror, action and all.

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