Lady Bird ★★★½

I think this suffered from overhype for me. between the inescapable social media ‘you MUST see this’ ads & so many people saying such wonderful things about it, I went into this prepared for it to knock my socks off, and it was just good.

marnie & nick were both reminded of my mother by laurie metcalf’s character, and it’s true that the film nails that relationship. 

lady bird was at times staggeringly awful, which is realistic, but she also didn’t have a whole lot to redeem her.

(I do want to note that I liked it! I thought it was good! I thought it was interesting! I cried twice! it just wasn’t quite what I was hoping for it to be.)

ADDENDUM: I did really appreciate the ‘you know she’s a moron.’ ‘she’s not a moron, she’s in AP chemistry.’ ‘she’s a moron on a deeper level.’ exchange, and obviously I loved the nuns

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