Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★½

"Does anybody have any questions?"

Stop Making Sense is peak David Byrne. He's not just instrumentally and vocally at his best here, but also in terms of control and guidance (of the band members on stage and of his own body; it's honestly kind of magical to observe how he moves the way he does here). The fact that he wears the funniest suit in the history of mankind of course also helps.

In regard to music concerts, this is without a doubt right up there with the best of the best: the sound (stage) literally fills up with more music(ians) and gains more and more movement, interaction, excitement and "experience" as it goes along. Naturally, this would be a 5/5 concert. From a film perspective though, there is not really anything outstanding or extraordinary at work here; it's literally just a live recording of that concert. Therefore, I can't bring myself to give this a 5/5 here on Letterboxd (a film-based website after all), yet definitely want to acknowledge this wonderful event.

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