Nope ★★★★½

Nope is a massive return to form for Peele after the somewhat disappointing Us. I gotta say, film's like this are the reason that I still have a love for going to the cinema. It's ambitious, highly original, has a really well written screenplay and a super talented cast full of old and new faves. Jordan Peele truly has a knack for writing natural funny unforced dialogue and this is what set's Nope apart from other films of this ilk.

Daniel Kaluuya is at his stoic best here and Keke palmer also slays as our hero siblings trying to uncover the mystery at hand. The supporting cast is also killer with the always reliable Steven Yeun, cult legend and Prones Picks fave Keith David, and Brandon Perea (from the OA). It's Michael Wincott though who's the best of the rest and damn near steals every scene he's in as the "world famous cinematographer" Antlers Holst (lol).

Anyway, I found this to be a lot more coherent than Us, and even though it does tread into bonkers territory, the mystery unfolds nicely building up to a bombastic and thrilling final act. The patented Peele social commentary is also there if you look hard enough, and while Nope does have it's horror moments, it's definitely more of a sci fi mystery in the same vein as Spielberg or even Carpenter. It's an absolute blast and I can't recommend it enough.

One last thing, I've seen a bit of hate for this online from people and I honestly don't get it. As Film fan's we're constantly complaining about the reboots, sequels and bland additions to existing franchises then when something this fun and original comes around ya'll want to complain? Seriously? These same people champion poorly made horror films from the 80s, and I'm sure are happy to shell out $80 for the latest overrated garbage Vinegar Syndrome release and call it a "classic" pfft. Rant over haha.

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