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Pasquale Leone

Resident Spider-Man fanboy and Far From Home hater gives his opinion on all spidey and non spidey related media

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  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead


    wow. that was shit.

    I’m happy Snyder has moved on to make the art he wants to make without a studio lording over him again, but this movie just solidified the fact that I just don’t like his style, and I don’t think ever will.

    There isn’t a single good performance from this cast, a fun concept and location is completely wasted and it’s overall not very memorable or enjoyable to watch. You CAN make a very cool heist move with costumed zombies. The concept and setting are great and rich with ideas, but Zack and the team fail to deliver.

  • Cruella



    Joker 2 is a society