The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

I said, "Seagulls, mmm! Stop it now!"


This movie was a rush of emotion, with its unsettling perfectly symmetrical b&w square aspect ratio, to the dream sequences of drunk hallucinations.

This had it all, and although I was not expecting it, the unsettling tone made this psychological descent into madness created a horror theme. This gave me 100% of The Shining vibe of isolation that leads to insanity, especially with that axe πŸ‘€.

Though, some of this crazy also relates to aspects of Joker, where we see a character study with certain themes. In this case, an unreliable narrator as a result of addiction.

Another film that instantly came to mind was Pulp Fiction, as I was not only confused, but the ending is left very ambiguous and up for interpretation.

Personally, I think the sound effects that sometimes became songs that were anything BUT jams did it the most. What I’m referring to is the siren noises (wtf?), and the lighthouse machinery sonic boom wave 🌊 

On top of this uneasiness, taking pieces of Greek mythology & lovecraftian lore worked so perfectly. Especially with the Siren, stories of God's/curses (Posideon), and tentacles, the film gave me this constant sense of uneasy anxiety. πŸ¦‘

On a lighter note, along with Pattison & Dafoes amazing performances came some lit outfits (specifically Robert's Sweater), dances, jokes, and singing jams.Β 

Overall, the main takeaway is that Yoda's career as an artist inspired the creation of this amazing subplot curse of the Seagulls. Confirming Yoda's suspicions, the ending truly made me understand why Seagulls are the worse, as predicted in not one, but two of his songs (also quoted earlier):

"Down to the beach, I'm strollin'

but the seagulls poke at my head;

not fun!"


"Everyone told me

not to stroll on that beach,

said, "Seagulls gonna come,

poke me in the coconut, " and they did, and they did.

Nothin' I could do but yell when these birds attacked me."

And Lastly

β€œEverybody can agree that seagulls are the worst (Worst, worst, worst, worst)”

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