Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

Girls Gone Wild presented by Terrence Malick. Or something like that.

Spring Breakers does not revel in the unchecked hedonism it depicts (vividly and near constantly), nor does it judgmentally weigh in on the morality of its characters. It just opens a view into a world and leaves you to your own interpretations. Though the things on display may seem gruesome, pathetic, shallow or repugnant to you they are captured and displayed through a neon-infused candy coated filter that makes everything captivating to look at. Repulsiveness at its most attractive.

Much of the film comes off as ethereal and dreamlike, which in itself is quite hilarious as the gulf between what is being shown and what these characters feel they are aspiring too or claim to be experiencing grows quite large. A lot of that is conveyed via voice-over and off camera dialog which is often repeated and superimposed over other scenes. In small amounts, this can add some poignancy. When overdone, it still adds some amount of irony. By the end, it does grow a little tiresome. The actual plot which is really not the highlight of this package is still a serviceable little crime-fantasy drama.

Is it the highest form of satire? A bleak representation (no matter how enjoyably gaudy) of the hollow non-existence that society has to offer youth yearning for something more? Maybe just an entertaining time with splashes of all of the above.

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