Celine ★★★

Gallic pastoral doodad, 90s, you know the kind, wherein orphaned bougie fillette renounces her inheritance to commune with the nexus where Gaia and mana meet, under the attends of a dysthymic nurse. Sounds a little too good to be true, yeah.

Winding sure has a committed eye to resplendent nature - the golds are gold, the dark greens dark green - but narratively the central relationship feels as insipid as Delerue's score is enchanting, and so the desired effect is cancelled out, when I so so wanted to tumble forever in the dynamic between these two women.

Blind-eying the requisite phantasma and some weightless stabs at magical realism without much follow-through, in the end, still a very tender, mournful and graceful film in its own way. The love-heart is for the symmetrical yoga scenes and Delerue. Always hearts for Delerue.

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