Carol ★★★★½

Carol in two key scenes:

A film of faces and small gestures. My absolute favourite scene from the film is when Carol gives Therese a lift and the their conversation is barely audible. It's as if the sound is coming from a tunnel, like we're far away from the characters even though the camera is in the backseat. Alternating between both of the (excellent) lead actresses' faces, it beautifully zooms in on small details: Blanchett's smile, Mara's cheekbones. We, the audience, are close to the characters (I have an impulse to say actresses, such is the degree of their performances), but they're in their own space, one in which we can't even dream of entering.

A film not about gay relationships. Although there are complications caused by Carol's sexual orientation, Haynes makes it very clear that that is not the focus of the film. Therese asks her boyfriend if he's ever fallen in love with a boy. As the conversation advances, Therese makes it very clear that it's not about "that". It's just two people falling in love who happen to be two men or two women. Two women just make the film more beautiful, pulling "weird combinaton[s] of face ingredients" that transpire both frailty and strenght, love and pain... And here we are. We've come full circle and I'm talking about faces again.

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