Captain Marvel ★★★★


after my first viewing i can confidently say that 'captain marvel' is my second favourite mcu movie (gotg remains superior😌). brie larson is the perfect choice to play carol danvers; i feel as if she perfectly embodies what the character is supposed to represent and is a perfectly capable, charismatic leader for the mcu.

the plot + dialogue has similar tones and elements of other marvel movies, but it's entertaining and engaging regardless. one particular highlight for me was the chemistry between carol and nick fury - i'd been avoiding most of the trailers so i honestly had no idea what to expect, but i instantly fell in love with the dynamic of their friendship. the relationship between fury and goose the cat is also SO pure and wholesome it made me so happy whenever they were onscreen together. get samuel l jackson a cat sidekick IRL please.

i can't wait to rewatch this one, it's so endearing, fun, and honestly inspirational at some points. brie larson if u read this im free on thursday n would like to hang out. please respond to this n then hang out with me on thursday when I'm free