Midsommar ★★★★★

midsommar is a fucking trip, in the best kind of way. ari aster’s talent, not only as a director but as a writer, amazes and inspires me. this dude has the ability to tell the most enthralling and thought-provoking stories!!! and he has the Audacity to make it look easy!!!

there’s so many elements of this film that could easily be missed on a first watch (i defo need to rewatch this asap :o !!!) through the subtlety of the storytelling. this movie isn’t really “in your face” about anything, it let’s the audience discover things on their own. i appreciate that so much! it’s SO refreshing to not be treated like a total idiot by a movie! this aspect of the writing really resonated with me, especially because the last movie i’ve seen in cinemas was hobbs and shaw........ 🤪🤪🤪
the use of visual storytelling was also just!!!! AAAAAHSISBISHSIS!!!!!! SO GOOD!!!!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! SO TRIPPY!!!!!! some of those camera movements had me and my friend slowly turning to eachother literally goin :O

how could i talk about this movie without mentioning florence pugh and jack reynor?!!!!?!????????!!!??? god DAMN. ACADEMY AWARDS. BOTH OF EM!!! i feel bad for my future wife,,,, bc she’ll know that she’ll always be in second place to florence pugh 😔