The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch ★★★★½

i am extremely bitter that i ignored this film for so long because i believed twitter when they said this it wasn’t worth my time. maybe it’s because i’m not familiar with the source material, but i just think this whole film is absolutely gorgeous; appearing (to me) 
as a collection of snippets and memories which form together in telling the protagonists story. i understand how that could be perceived as being messy, however, i personally found the goldfinch’s non-sequential style of storytelling to invest me deeper in the life of the protagonist, theodore decker. 

oakes fegley is absolutely incredible in this, as is ansel elgort. the two of them mirror eachother perfectly! oakes particularly stole the show for me. young theodore is babie 🥺
every actor and actress in this delivered, except for finn wolfhard imo. his accent was so distractingly bad hsjshsHSJD SORRY 😭

tldr; ansel elgorts mother was right!

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