The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

A buddy cop film I was sold on after I saw the first trailer.

The Nice Guys is all about the dynamic between the two leads. At times it feels hard to not compare it to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang because they are both doing similar things. The bonkers comedy, the chemistry between the the two leads, and some of the multilayered tone makes these very comparable films.

Once Gosling and Crow are together the dynamic is gold. One of the reason Nice Guys stands out is attributed to Goslings performance. So many of the jokes may not have worked if he didn't nail the performance. This is not to take anything away from Crowe performance which is also right on the money.

It is super nice to see Shane Black returning back to his zany comedy style. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang I always thought was pretty understated and although not perfect, worked really well. They are definitely different, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has a darker edge to it and attempts to sprinkle a lot more humanity among it's leads, while The Nice Guys feels lighter and more carefree.

Even though the film has a lot more Hollywood feel to it, Shane Black is still able to experiment with differing themes as he did in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. He doesn't just stop short of just making a buddy cop film. Despite its overall light tone, Black is able to achieve depth and gives the audience brief snippets into brokenness of these characters. However, a voice of redemption seems to come from a 12 year old girl. Her subtle appeals admits the slizzy backdrop make them all the more noticeable and affecting.

In another instance, Shane Black again examines character's that carefully cover up women who are indecently exposed. They are simple acts of goodness that aid as reminder for the audience that becomes all the more relevant based on the setting of the film.

Nice Guys is so great and is endlessly entertaining, and what separates it from other look likes is when it attempts to reach for something a little more than just being buddy cop film.

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