There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood ★★★★½

This is the story of a great and terrible Destroyer. Retched from the earth, he is a devil in the flesh, with organs of stone and flame. His tongue is gold; his stare, cold steel. Through his veins courses the blackest oil, and he is a vampire both of the literal and figurative meaning. His one purpose in life is to feed - to feed until there is nothing left, until he stands alone atop the empty corpses of man and earth alike. He is a monster who abhors existence, most of all his own.

As we watch his unrelenting march towards this goal, we are witness to his three most heinous acts. The first act is the consumption of his hands. His most beloved tools, broken in the path of his destruction, are discarded. It pains him greatly, but as they are of no more use to his purpose, he must lay them aside and soldier on. The second act is the consumption of his heart. He knows his humanity is a weakness; it always has been. When the suggestion of kin reaches his heart and kindles pity, he knows he can no longer afford his emotions, and both destroys the pretender and preempts the breach from happening again.

At last, the Destroyer has one task left; the consumption of his own body and soul. Stood proxy by a man who is but a faint shadow of himself - a false shepherd whose spirit matches his own, but without the fortitude to see their shared goal to the natural end (yet surprisingly, the only enemy who ever truly hurt him by twisting his aims to force him to momentarily renounce himself) - he delights in the endgame. He savors every morsel of himself, and revels in his ascent to self-styled godhood. He has become nothingness incarnate, and having reached his fill, finally, is finished.

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