Dreamland ★★★★★

“I didn't make you into anything you didn't already want to be.”

They sure as hell nailed the title of this film. I’d do anything to rob banks with a midwestern farm beauty played by Margot Robbie. It’s quite dreamy & fun to imagine as I would also feel restless being stuck on a dying farm; I wouldn’t want to stick around either. 

I love everything about Dreamland. From the dusty setting to the beautiful cinematography and talented cast. Finn Cole is new to me and I was very impressed with his performance. Margot Robbie & Finn Cole bounce off one another beautifully, their chemistry feels so real & I couldn’t help but begin to root for them early on.

This is a hidden gem, one I’m surprised I ran into as I hadn’t heard of it and it somehow slipped under my radar last year. Definitely worth your time, it’s such a great ride.

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