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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    I'm usually a little dissapointed when I view well received modern action films. With the expection of The Raid series I usually leave enjoying myself but feeling like the acclaim comes from there being such a drought of good action movies, so I was a little skeptical coming into Fury Road that I would like but not love this new reboot. I am happy to report that Fury Road was fucking amazing for one real reason: there is nothing quite…

  • Spectre



    Should preface this short write up that I'm not much of a 007 fan and prefer my spy fiction more in the vein of Le Carre, although I remember Casino Royale (2006 obviously) being great.

    I really only enjoyed the cold open and train sequence and thought everything fell apart after said train sequence. Nice to see Lea Seydoux in a high profile role and I thought she was easily the best performer, although it isn't saying much since I…