The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

Okay I finally saw it and loved every second of it.

The Lighthouse is a dark and filthy nightmare out of time that is shot in a unique and stunning way. Everything about it is perfect: cinematography, production design, set design, sound, score, the haunting script. But of course the meat of the film is Willem Dafoe's and Robert Pattinson's outstanding performance. How neither managed to get an oscar nomination for this is beyond me. I guess the Academy just plain hates horror films, even really good ones.

Props to Robert Eggers, for not only making an original horror film of this level in this day-and-age, or for writing a truly haunting story filled with symbolism and sexual tension, but also for filming it in the worst conditions to make it all feel so real.
While I wasn't blown away by 'The VVitch', as far as 'The Lighthouse' is concerned, I'm completely on board.
A truly cinematic feat.

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