The Hangover Part II ★★★½

While not nearly as good or as fresh as the original, the sequel does get darker and more cynical which I appreciate. 

I remember how hyped everyone was for the follow up to one of the most impactful and pop culture conquering films of the century up until that point. And i remember everyone being so disappointed in it afterwards. I was so excited for it that I found a theatre in Cancun during a family vacation and took a cab alone. I needed to see it. 

I appreciate them trying to expand the universe and bring in new characters as well as bring back old ones and show us more of their personality. I also love the beautiful shots of Thailand. It’s also unafraid. It has balls. and it’s pretty funny too in some scenes. Todd Phillips directs this well. Paul Giamatti is also very welcome every time in anything. 

Unfortunately it’s a less funny, less entertaining, less original, and less joyful copy of the first. I love Alan but why did they turn him into such a mean bully?! The worst part is that it’s almost not quotable at all. 

It’s hard to live up to one of the greatest comedies of all time. This certainly fails at that but it’s an entertaining 100 minutes and I’m glad to be spending time with the Wolfpack again.