The Lion King ★★★

I’ve never been more excited for a movie to say the the word “farted.”

This was a fine movie that I enjoyed but the whole shot-for-shot and line-by-line remake situation eventually became boring. The best parts were the new jokes from Timon and Pumba. 

Yes, the animals look cool and the whole thing is beautiful but there’s ultimately nothing beneath the surface. This movie is the gorgeous person at the bar that bores you because there’s nothing to them other than their hotness. 

To be fair I wanted an exact remake, and when that’s exactly what I got, I didn’t like it.

See how it stacks up to the rest of 2019!

Disclaimer: I was in an accident before the movie and that was all I was think about throughout the movie. So maybe I just wasn’t in a good mental state to enjoy this.

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