Yesterday ★★½

The Beatles are my favorite band of all time and because of that... I may have been overhyped about this movie but I found it to be disappointingly adequate. 

I think this movie could have been so much more. The story is just engaging enough to pass the time but ultimately offers little else than the narrative you know about a guy that gets big in the music business. 

The film uses the Beatles and their music more like a storytelling crutch rather than actually doing something with it. For narrative purposes, any other big act’s music would have sufficed. The story would have been the same if you switch out the Beatles with Michael Jackson or Elvis or John Williams. 

I’m pissed that I was misled by the trailers’ James Corden scene because if that wouldn’t have been a cop out, the movie would have actually gone in an interesting direction.  

Ed Sheran is the worst part of this movie. Everyone else does a good job acting in it. 

The concert and music scenes were great initially but those were overused and eventually lost their luster. 

I mean.. am I disappointed? Yeah. Am I glad I watched it? Yeah. But ultimately I think it brought a lot less to the table than everyone, including the artists themselves, hoped it would.

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