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  • The Cranes Are Flying
  • In the Mood for Love
  • Lake Mungo
  • 3-Iron

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  • The Walten Files 1 - Company Introductory Tape


  • The Sentiment of the Flesh


  • Hatching


  • Day Shift


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  • The Walten Files 1 - Company Introductory Tape

    The Walten Files 1 - Company Introductory Tape


    The omniscient analog ARG traded in for the resurgence of a corporation’s malpractice. Everyone is a shot-eyed victim of deceit because the people above them have to make revenue somehow. ARG’s are usually about the recording of the skeletons in someone’s closet, but the skeletons here are creeping out and demanding to be put in new flesh. “But on the inside, it felt like every single part of her body was bleeding.”

  • Hatching



    Guillermo Del Toro allowed a generation of filmmakers to feel inspired fairy tale writers for the modern age, and this is the evidence. Childhood is a difficult thing, and it says much about life that the “easiest” part of it is still so hard. Our understanding of ourselves and insurmountable responsible thrown onto you in adulthood are fledgling concepts we’re forced into once the shell is about to crack. Living to uphold a family portrait until you’re old enough to see through the facade and old enough for people to stop caring about you. Whimsical and dark in its own little ways.

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  • Her



    people say you can’t see scarlett johansson in this movie but parts of it were shot in shanghai and you can clearly see she played all the asian people in the background

  • Tall Girl

    Tall Girl

    so happy that movies like this exist to remind us of the struggles of marginalized groups like tall white girls 💕