American Honey

American Honey ★★★★½

Screw the world, get money. Fade into the americana, turn the wheels and turn it up. Still the only movie I've ever watched that truly captures the look of the everyperson. That everyperson you pass by at the park, or that everyperson that bags your groceries, or that everyperson that drives by your car with the hip-hop on just a little too loud. Andrea Arnold's vision of the U.S. is an odyssey in every way, sprawling, human, deeply felt, akin to stories of cross-country expedition, exploring a broken world where economy has no care for the lower class, and the scrappiest youth run free and reckless. This is an American movie, one that breathes and lives America, but not the America that we may want. There's no patriotism here. Only reality. The reality of the everyperson, and the reality of the experience.

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