Carol ★★★★★

Skin grazes against skin, the gentle touches from the tip of the lips as the only sensation in the world for this one fleeting yet forever staying moment. The thrill of eyes connecting from across the room and across the short distance from one face to another. Five-hundred-million words, all composed and infused with so much ardor and unconditionally devoted, overflowing, exploding lust, conveyed just through the space between their eyes. Tidal waves of passion and pent up zeal rippling across bodies with the most tender brushes. Feelings so vivid that they linger long after the goings-on are gone. "I love you, I need you, I bleed you, I crave you," whispered without a word into complete and utter silence. A feeling of desire and overwhelming want that comes and never leaves.

Therese truly was an angel, lost and longing. Carol became her wings.

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