Her ★★★★★

Dear you,

It's a beautiful day in the city. All these people clamoring through the sidewalk, talking to themselves and to their AI's; talking to and at nothing and no one. Making doctor's office appointments and paging their bosses. And looking at them in action, I can't quite shake this consuming curiosity. What are they feeling? Why are they feeling it? What if something happened in their life, something so major and drastic, and it only happened a minute ago? What if our day-to-day grind is just walking in on people's emotional episodes, but we don't interact or acknowledge either because we're too busy with our problems or people are too clever at hiding theirs? Aren't we all beings? Aren't we all creatures of habit and instinct? Do we not love? Do we not feel pain? Do we not, in some crazy way, have a desire for both, because it reminds us that in the grander scheme of it all that we are breathing creatures?

I believe we are. We're all animals, looking to change and for someone to change with, because it's the only thing we can really do. As I've heard, and as I repeat to myself when I get caught up in tales of romance and beguile, love is the only rational act. A rational act for an irrational world. So if ever you've wondered why, after so long, that I loved you so, and always will, and always can, it's for a simple reason: as a human, it's all I could do.


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