Her ★★★★★

Dear Important Person,

If you were in front of me now, would you laugh at how sad I am? Sitting here, day-and-night dreaming of everything I've wanted to do with you, whoever you are, every experience I've wanted to live with you but can't, emotionally confined to the keyboard? Would you just stare and wonder? Or would you look at me and understand, beyond my pathetic shell and deeper down to every vision of days on the beach, voice by voice, alone together in a paradise of warm everything?

Would I even have the courage to talk to you so you know I exist in the first place? Would I even know you?

But right now, I don't know you, and you don't know me, and our eyes have never touched, and I don't know even know if you're real or not, and none of what I hope is real, and I'm lost, and I'm alone, and I'm scared. But I know when I meet you, if I meet you, one day, I'll love you. So much.


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