Lady Bird ★★★★½

I’m a mess. A complicated, insecure, dreaming, hopeful, hopeless, romantic, brash, profane, shy, young, obsessive, aggressive, and terrified mess. I’m a teenager, and one day I won’t be one anymore. And Lady Bird knows a lot of us are teenagers that eventually won’t be teenagers anymore. But that’s not what makes this movie such an amazing, heart-warming, and whirlwinding experience. What makes it so special is that it knows that we were all once a mess, and that some of us still are.

Lady Bird knows our insecurities, and our fears, and our anxieties, and our flaws. It knows that some of us want the spotlight on ourselves, almost all of the time. It knows that we often think the world will end for problems that aren't that huge. It knows that at times, we just can't stand and utterly hate the people closest to us. And it knows that even beyond all of these things, we're all scared for our lives to ever leave them. And it knows that beyond our issues and beyond everything we don't like about ourselves or others, there's still greatness in us.

We’re all messes. But we’re beautiful messes.

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