Mamma Mia! ★★★★

Never in my life did I think I would've swooned for Mamma Mia!, or as I'd like to call it, Musicals Are the Most Brilliant Escape From Harsh Reality: Suntan Edition, but above everything that Mamma Mia! inspired, the one thing it inspired most was a large sense of adoration. Adoration for its lovably cutesy vibe, which kind of veers between tongue-in-cheek and--with Pierce Brosnan's horrific vocal-work--unintentional hilarity, and an adoration for the meticulous composition of each amazing musical number. It is a never-ending volley of love, dance, and cheekiness all compacted into a string of musical numbers that are as bubbly and confident as they are effortless, with characters reveling and shining in their sweet sentimentality and humanity. Simply wonderful. A-

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