Midsommar ★★★★

The crown of flowers, a cross of blood. I never used to think this, but this movie suddenly, and violently, turned from something just impressive to something actually quite emotional for me, mainly as it became apparent just how intense and heavy the pain that is present here truly is. Not the pain of horror, but the pain of being alone with others and alone to your anguish. That pain when you lose someone or something, that pain when they take just a little too long to say "I love you" back, and that pain when you know that everything you've put into a connection to make it work is for nothing, a pain that makes it doubly cathartic when shit hits the fan once and for all and the depravity's fire reaches its climax. That fire is much more than a blaze, but a destruction of trauma, and an inception of family. A horror movie that reminds us that through our agony, we have family, and through our family, we have identity and closure. Illuminating.

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