Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★★

There was a story of a man who was molded from the sand-rock, who came out of nowhere from whence he left. He was dirtied but dapper. He followed the railways to wherever he was going, and the going could've been either nowhere or somewhere, but somewhere no one would know. He left behind everything, but always kept a little bit, waiting to be remembered for when he needed it. Today, he is back, but one day, he will never be seen again.

There was a story of a girl who was born from the soft light. Covered by the fuzz of her shirts and the flow of her hair. She made a living off of what men wanted, for what she wanted was taken many years ago. She hid behind a two-way mirror, never seeing the other side of who she spoke to, alienated by glass. She can talk and talk, but nobody ever truly talks as well, until the day someone does. Her life will change. Or maybe it will revert back to how it was.

There was a story of a man and a woman, who were together but couldn't make anything work until the connection was impossible. They battled in the midst of a blistering heat and contempt. They drifted until they couldn't reach other and didn't want to. They hurt each other very deeply to the point that ties couldn't be repaired. They loved, but no longer. Both of them will disappear, but only one will really be seen again.

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