Suspiria ★★★★

A song from beyond the cauldron. The third time around, and this still has such a lasting effect, plethora after plethora of lingering images composed with a perfectionist’s eye and a maximalist’s spirit. Orchestrated like a broken dance and infused with an animalistic fury, this constructs its own divinely different kind of matriarchy. The division between something domestic and something feral, something ethereal and something socio-political. This is the type of movie that feels its own sensations and has a near vast and epic ambition for what it wants to say and what its implications are. This taps into a kind of art that’s both incredibly challenging and rewarding if you give it the time and allow the effect of its slow-working hex.

Also, just my two cents that nobody asked for: comparing this with the 1977 Suspiria is totally unnecessary because they could not be more different in terms of just about everything.

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