Tramps ★★★★½

Love in the city age. Swirling circus lights and footrunning through the paved ways of crowded streets. Everybody has their someone, by chance or by destiny. This movie has pretty much, somehow, become an annual event for me, something I watch right around every Thanksgiving (not sure why,) and am comforted by every time. Maybe it's the fact that it's a work of energy that's both human and cinematic, unkempt and continuously moving. Or maybe it's the fact that it's deeply romantic and, both because of its short length and because of its quick magic, ultimately fleeting. But one way or another, this has become a movie I return to over and over for it holds a nostalgic place for me in my life. This is probably a perfect movie, but I think I'll need some time to let it grow within me more, like people need time for emotions to swell or their hearts to warm. Keep going, never stop. Feel the sensations ease up, and consume eternally.

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