You Were Never Really Here ★★★★½

If I knew you were coming, I would've waited. Six watches on and this is still a beautiful movie that aches and calls for the relations of others between trauma and remembrance, the psychic link that only the damaged hold. Noticing each other in the littlest ways, an understanding of pain that combs through the air and sits in the aftermath of a bullet. Hurting yourself as opposed to hurting others, sacrificing skin to escape. Blood trickle and a splatter of graffiti that's discordant and gorgeous, passive and wading through the rains of a midnight passage leading, somehow, somewhere. It's brutal, but in a way that's delicate. A light through the water, gracing the skin and providing a beacon at the end of the subway tunnel. Reach the horizon, feel there's an ease through the frame. Know and understand the echoes of the abused, for their pain is deeper, and their strength is giant. Whether in thought, or in force.

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