• Blood Rage

    Blood Rage


    Don’t forget what comes before the Yuletide. Seasons will pass thru from Summer onto an Autumn where turkey mutilation is a tradition and celebration. The bird will no longer be the sole tortured flesh.

  • Edge of the Axe

    Edge of the Axe


    If there is Jason's Swampy Forest Willow Tree Graveyard, there is always Mask Man's Crisp Alpine Purgatory. The beer bottles in your nearest bar are simply shattered bits glued together from a prior mugging, the same chipped fence probably had someone killed against it. Stay away from lumber-mills.

  • The Hearse

    The Hearse


    Carbonite mourning sterility. There's a whole story that can generate from losing a coffin out of the back and leaving it as you drive off.

  • Videodrome



    Now Is the Time to Achieve Your Inner Urethra: Three Steps to Conquer Entertainment and Abolish the Old Flesh.

    The TV is talking to you and it knows the way. Over-dripping with a vague vibe of Wearing-Shades-While-Watching-The-News migraine inducers and the potential of a clitoris to garner a rating. There are a million hits on a death, a million more to watch someone beg against it. Annihilate the forms of Past World's Morals. Intersexual conception is a publicity. Our hearts are pumping their own orifices. Nobody lives without constantly stimulating.

  • House



    This movie is what it would look like if that one goth girl you know decided to make a feature length Pinterest project and I mean that in the very best way.

  • The Tower

    The Tower


    Don't You (Forget About HAL)

  • Fade to Black

    Fade to Black


    To Avoid Fainting, Keep Repeating:

    It's Only a Movie
    ...It's Only a Movie
    ...It's Only a Movie
    ...It's Only a Movie
    ...It's Only a Movie!

  • Hell Night

    Hell Night


    When someone enters the Hell-House, they can never leave. Too many measures taken to keep their screams quiet and their hands raw.

  • Ghostkeeper



    The Wendigo cries for a portion of flesh. Its hand in deep water, the opposing windpipe slowly shutting down. It will kill, with no fear of escaping whenever the water freezes over. Neo-Poe, dark-vibe, goth-torture, poetic freak folk chamber descent forever.

  • He Knows You're Alone

    He Knows You're Alone


    Never dance in the street alone, regardless of who is watching, who is thinking, or who is breathing. The breath is in your direction. And it won't stop chasing your trail.

  • On the Rocks

    On the Rocks


    Such a ridiculous way to feel comfort.

  • Time



    An extraction from time that feels like a remnant of what was once beautiful. 20 years to take away from the love of a lifetime. 20 years to take away from the joy of developing your small creation to become something that conquers your own faults. 20 years to take away from every single memory that could've been eternal if one figure wasn't ripped from it.

    Don't ever say you sympathize with the system that does something like this.