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  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods



    This is not my Spike Lee, so confused messy and unnecessarily long.

    Not sure why it was released now and what it was aiming for.

    I also expected the LSD visuals of Apocalypse now when first seeing the poster, it simply wasn’t there but I probably can’t blame anyone for something I made up in my own mind.

    Spike is good when he is raw angry and tired of the bullishit he and the people he speaks for deal…

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    At this point it is clear to me that A24 chooses a specific audience with each film and while definitely not being the target for this one I also feel like the “edgy white teen” is always the worst option they have.

    The farewell is no different, a simplistic view on cultural differences and interpretation of morality. Just poorly developed unorganized and not really relevant.
    Surely a hearth warming comedy for the whole family tho, I can respect that if it is respectful towards everyone and this one...eeh.

    LIGHT 4

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  • Se7en



    Still a decent thriller with cool stuff and everything.

    Feels more like an Asian, probably Korean, film rather than sn American one. 

    Everyone, except the great Kevin Spacey, seems to take part in a challenge to see who can play the least interesting character and even if Pitt and Paltrow look unbeatable at a first glance it is impossible not the recognize Freeman as one of the least charismatic detective in the last...25 years?

    With that said Fincher at least…

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    As vague as possible to be relatable for as many as possible.

    Minimalistic to the point it becomes bland and unoriginal 

    Lowery has an incredibly hard time finding a personality for his film and in the end he doesn’t really get anywhere.

    I see why its universality can be so compelling for some but the childishness of it has no business trying to tackle similar theme in such way.  

    Had serious potential even if it’s hard to see it…