Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★★

reading reviews like... some of you guys are idiots lol 

the world is beautiful waves of blue; civilization is bright, violent red. the world is love and adventure, you and your baby; civilization is indentured servitude, 40+ hours a week in exchange for “security.” travis is, generally speaking, the crazy one. he’s walking through the blue sky’d texas desert with no possessions or sense of self. he’s rescued by his brother and brought back to the land of the sane, concrete, billboarded la, shadowed & deafened by the planes flying above. planes that are, as travis describes, not on the ground—not grounded, if i have to spell it out. his brother says people fly because it’s faster, but can’t explain what this time means, why it’s important & how it’s used.

time is relative. travis walks for four years to forget himself, a pebble in the bucket for a man of middle age. those same four years constitute half of his son hunter’s eight year, so far, life. to travis space is walking a straight line through texas with only mountains and bushes as company. to hunter, space is the stars and the lifespan of earth. the earth was once cool blue water, until volcanos erupted fiery red magma and formed land. now we drive on man lain rock with man erected buildings and street lights and the world looks nothing like natural earth. we have roads and cars and planes, but not light speed, with which we could get from texas to la in 3 seconds. 

when travis either remembers who he is, or finally admits to his past, he talks about having the world in his hand: him, the love of his life, adventure in a trip to the grocery store. but the grocery store doesn’t run on love, it runs on money. it runs on your time. travis can’t submit to the system of continual employment because, well, he has a girl at home and that’s not living. he’s jealous when he can’t be with her, and the distance makes him question whether she could really love him. the more he feels himself in chains, the more he puts her in chains, etc. the tragedy is in a man, but also in how we cope with society’s constraints. 

the world wants paris, and it wants you to want paris too. but paris, texas is right down the road and you could be there in a couple days, if you have the right idea.

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